Fall 2017 Updates

Hello Everyone, and welcome to another semester of Leadership Development! There’s  alot going on this semester, so here it is: Section 101/102 APO LEADS Day is going to be held at The College of New Jersey on October 28th. So mark your calendars! Registration links will be up soon. Launch, Explore, and Discover will be […]

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Lambda Delta Hosts SLED March 4!

This past weekend, Lambda Delta of NJIT hosted 40+ brothers from across sections 101 and 102 at our spring semester’s Section Leadership Education Day. Brothers came together for a lovely afternoon of inter-chapter fellowship and bonding! The event also enjoyed the attendance of a number of sectional and regional staff members. Workshops included topics such […]

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SLED March 4!

Hello Brothers! Let’s rip right into it… NJIT will be hosting Section Leadership Education Day (SLED) on March 4, from 1:00-5:00pm. Please support your fellow brothers as they work hard to prepare leadership development workshops for all of us to learn and enjoy! Check out the Facebook Event page here. Please register by clicking here so the […]

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A Lot of Updates This Month

Hello Sections 101 & 102, it’s been a few weeks! I’d like to apologize for falling behind schedule on your LD updates. There’s a TON of stuff going on, so let’s get on with it… 97/101/102 APO LEADS Day occurred on September 24, where Launch, Explore, Achieve, and Discover were all offered. Nu Psi did […]

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